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Who have helped by saving our asses, giving us chunky
tips and featuring things about our calendar in their publications.

In Israel
Orly and Niva with the help of Maya Chalchinsky- who are making such an incredible buzz in Tel Aviv!!
Time Out, Ynet, Haaretz - If you're in Israel - chances are you've heard about the calendar by now!

Also - if you're around make sure you drop by the super cruisy Friday afternoon launch party in Jaffa.
Entry is free - check out the invite HERE
Also thanks to Monica from Shtaim

In the USA
Tracey and Amazing Dreams Publishing for saving us when all seemed lost after our US distributor went bankrupt and who has given freely and generously of her experience and insights.
Curve , She Mag and San Fransisco's Girlfriends editors for helping with exposure.
Velvet Park is still a maybe - will update

On this planet
Elizabeth Ziff - thank you for getting us on the L word!!!!!

in the UK
Shaun from Chroma Journal for including an ad in your journal.
Eyal & Nikos for rocking London and getting DIVA on board.

In Australia
Cameron from Bulldog Books for your experience suggestions and patience
Merryn Johns for publishing a full page editorial in LOTL and Keri Glastonbury for writing it.
Robbie and Tammy from the Froot Store
Donna Barnes for her piece in Qnews
Kathleen from Dykonoclast - Victoria's lesbian mag.

In Canada
The fabulous French fabster - Fabien!
Fancy a press release in French? Yeah we've got that too.

In the Netherlands

In Germany

The editor of Siegessaeule