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WHO IS privatePINK?
privatePINK is the gay kid of Spring in Alaska design studio.

While our usual work revolves around clients and briefs - websites, corporate IDs logos deadlines etc etc…(and the occasional client who actually likes what we like) - we make a point to always be working on something where we get to do the briefing - the conceptualisation and the signoff (oh and we get to fund it too) .

With our base in Sydney Australia we've had the privilege of living in a very gay tolerant - nay - friendly city for the last few years.
Not really in the scene but with the occasional nodding of our head on the sidelines we've seen enough of what's around to realise that for us girls - there isn't much. It's that and the blurry recollections of Mardi Gras or walking down the street in Newtown that have led us to create privatePINK and this calendar - the first of many future privatePINK productions.

in a boldly colourful celebration of what we don't get enough of - this calendar contains 12 fleeting snapshots of contemporary lesbian culture for the pop consumer...

So - we've worked hard, we've been diligent and we'd love for you to buy one off us!
To make it as easy as - we've got some good people sitting around in Europe and in Israel too - waiting for your order!
We've also been lucky enough to get some help with distribution here in Australia and also in the USA - so you should be able to pick up a copy in selected book and retail stores in these countries. Read more about the calendar or just get yourself a copy.
Hope you like it - let us know what you think and what you'd like to see next.

See ya,
K & N